Our Program...
No matter at what point you are in your riding career, we are happy to welcome you to ride with us. Whether you currently have a horse of your own, or are not quite sure you want to make that investment yet, we are here to help. 


A "training ride"  is a professional ride for your horse. The reasons include exercise, schooling, rehabilitation, or to show your horse as sale horse. If we are at a horse show, and your horse needs to do a preparation class to "tour the ring " so you can show successfully or if you want your horse shown in a professional class or division, then the show prices would apply.  

  • HOME: $50 per ride
  • AT A SHOW: $60 per ride

If you do not have a horse of your own...

Don't worry, we have great school horses to ride. All our teaching horses are seasoned "A" horse show horses. They are wonderful to learn on since they know the ropes; all you have to worry about is perfecting your position and skills! Our seasoned show horses could be available for lease and are appropriate to show on if that is your wish. Before choosing to make the investment in your own horse, lessoning or leasing a school horse is a smart idea. During this time in the saddle, you will develop until you get to a point when we will know that you are ready for the next step. 

When you are ready to be a horse owner....

Matching the rider to the right horse is very important. No matter what your budget is, we can help you get the best horse to fit your abilities. We can find horses locally, through national contacts that have horses in training domestically, and we have trainers that we work with in Europe if an import is what you are looking for. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of each option as well as the commitments needed from all parties. 

Brian Gruber






​      $70 with your horse.           $85 on one of our horses.

  • Private, individual training. (Unless you request to ride with someone else for fun!​)
  • Scheduled "ship in's" are welcome, arena fee is $25.
  • Payment is due at time of lesson, unless you board at Tulucay Farm, in which case you can be billed monthly. 

​For questions or scheduling lesson times, please call Brian, 240.876.3864. 

Current Horse Owners...
We look forward to helping you continue to work with your animal. Based on traditional horse training practices we do  include some modern methods. We teach and train for the show ring; even if you do not intend to show, horse and rider will benefit from this solid foundation.  Horses respond positively to the structure and predictability of our program making them easy to handle and enjoy.


If you are interested in a training or lesson package, we would be happy to discuss different options for you. Because each person and horse have different needs, we find that making a "one-size-fits-all" program doesn't quite fit everyone.  Below are listed some examples of what a package could look like; please call for more specific information. 

1. HOME TRAINING PACKAGE (monthly)     

   (Intended for those who have horses boarded at Tulucay Farm, that want their horse(s) worked on the property for the most part.)

  • ​3-5 Home Rides (each week)
  • Show rides will be added individually.
  • ​Lessons will be added individually.

2. HOME LESSON PACKAGE (monthly)         

  (Intended for horse owner/ leasee who are boarding at Tulucay Farm, that lesson frequently.)

  • 2-3 Lessons (each week)
  • Training rides will be added individually.
  • ​Show fees will be added separately.