Field Board

  • Private/ Small group turnout
  • Blanketing Services
  • Feed & Hay
  • Bring in for farrier & vet

Brian Gruber 





Training/ Day Care 

  • ​Includes grooming and training
  •  Paperwork such as entries and health certificates 
  • Preparing before and "tucking in" after the horse ships


  • Based on mileage and load
  • Loading and unloading your horse and equipment from trailer
  • Paperwork such as interstates


  • You will write a check/ make payment directly to the horse show that we will handle in the office.

​Stalls/ Paddock/ Grooming & Tack Stalls

  • Will be split between horses. You will pay for the space your horse(s) use directly to horse show, that we will handle in the office. 


  • If a hotel is needed for Tulucay Farm staff, the cost will be spit between horses. 


  • If a braider is needed, we will arrange for your horse to be done. You will make payment to the braider directly. 

​The brick cobblestone aisles of the main barn are wide and bright. Areas for grooming and washing the horses are easy to use and safe. Shared grooming areas and tack rooms are available to all boarders.

The horses are safe and happy here; the barn is warm in the winter and breezy in the summer.   There is eco-friendly fly control system throughout the barn for months in need of a little pest control. During the day, someone is always available if you need assistance and the barn is checked nightly by management living on the property. 

Please contact us for pricing and further details.


Full Care

  • 14 x 14 Stall (Matted floors & walls)
  • Private/ Small group turnout
  • Blanketing services
  • Feed & Hay
  • Bring in for farrier & vet
  • Tack/ untack horses for lessons
  • Grooming/ Bathing services

​(Basically, you show up and ride! We take care of all the rest.)




In addition to training and grooming at the shows, Tulucay Farm Show Stables covers your organization needs. From handling shipping arrangements to the horse show office details, we take the small stresses out of the experience.  Expenses are spit between the number of horses going to the shows, keeping everyone's budget in mind. Please call for more detailed information. 

A well lit indoor ring with a cathedral ceiling is available year around to ride in. When the weather cooperates, a large outdoor arena with a gorgeous view of the Napa Valley is a pleasure to ride in. Schooling and lessons are ideal with the brand new course of stadium jumps complete with liver pool! 

Tulucay Farm is a 21 acre private, fenced facility secured behind a gated front entrance. Rolling hills and shade trees enhance the landscape; the views of the Valley from the highest point are breathtaking.  The farm boasts huge pasturess for  multiple horses to be turned out together as well as many individual paddocks all with automatic water systems. 

Full Board 

  • 14 x 14 Stall (Matted floors & walls)
  • Private/ Small group turnout
  • Blanketing services
  • Feed & Hay
  • ​Bring in for farrrier & vet